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KwieKulik Chronicle 1970 - 1987 (a selection)

X 1970 - "Excursion" (co-participants: J.S. Wojciechowski, Bartek Zdrojewski), open air action

II 1971 "Open Form" (co-authors: J.S. Wojciechowski, camera operators: P. Kwiek, J. Lomnicki, J. Zalewski), artistic activities, films 8 mm and 35 mm, b/w and colour (→ Activity on an actress face)

26 VI 1971 1st Festival of Art Schools Students in Nowa Ruda: An interrupted projection of a film "Open Form" synchronised with slides, interactive activities with the audience

8-12 IX 1971 4th Biennial of Spatial Forms called "Dreamers' Meeting", Art Laboratory - the "El" Gallery in Elblag: "Parasitic Art" - interventions on works by other artists

6-8 XI 1971 The House of Culture in Elblag:
1. A slide projection for children [later they played with the red sash → slides, Shapes of Red]
2. A slide projection for working youths
3. An interrupted projection of the film "Open Form" and a slide projection for grammar school students

XII 1971 "Film, Slides, Dzialania, Theory", the "Wspolczesna" Gallery, Warsaw Four groups of guests were invited to the gallery on different days:
1. grammar school pupils
2. students
3. critics and managers of artistic life
4. accidental visitors

10-14 XII 1971 "Meetings of Young Creative Workshop", Elblag:
1. slide presentation for the youth
2. 12 XII 1971 - participation in "The Game on the Morel's Hill"

XII 1971 Participation in an integrating spectacle "Think Communism" by Z. Piotrowski and the "Proagit" group; the film-review hall in the Ministry of Culture and Art in Warsaw (for the bidden political activists), "Alterations of Redness", “Gierek’s Path” - a slide projection

28 I 1972 - Activity to remembering Head (PK), part of the workshop with students by ZK at Sculpture Depart.

11 V 1972 "An Intuitive Co-operation", Sigma, Warsaw, (co-participants: M. Kurtis, J. Malicki)

25 V 1972 A political spectacle "Proagit II", (the participants: J.S. Wojciechowski, K. Zarebski, "A Group Composed of:" J.Malicki, A. Kasprzyk, M.Kurtis; ZK a co-author of the idea was absent; in Italy), the "Wspólczesna" Gallery, Warsaw

19 IX 1972 "An Intuitive Co-operation" as an event accompanying the Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn", Sigma, Warsaw (co-organised with K. Zarebski, 13 artists participated)

21-25 IX 1972 "Activities in TV Studio", Woronicza St., Warsaw (co-organised with Jan S. Wojciechowski and Beata Tomorowicz, 10 artists participated)

7-12 XI 1972 A group "KwiekiWojDoGuRa" participates in the series "Presentations of the Young", the "Latajaca" Gallery, Municipal Youth Club of ZMS (The Association of Socialist Youth) "Iskra", Torun, (the participants: W. Gutt, PK,, J.S.Wojciechowski, W. Raniszewski, ZK was absent, stayed with her baby). A game with the audience.

from XI 1972 on, private "Dzialania with Dobromierz" (son of Zofia Kulik and Przemyslaw Kwiek)

9-11 VI 1973 Activities with ceramic heads (the work of J.Wojciechowski), ASP, (→ parasite-art)

15-20 VI 1973 The 5th Biennial of Spatial Forms "Kino-Laboratorium", Art Laboratory, the "El" Gallery in Elblag (presentation of the Open Form film)

5-21 IX 1973 International Open Air Workshop "Osetnica 73":
Series of 4 paintings called "Everyone Is Following the Resolutions of the 6th Meeting of Polish United Workers' Party: a realist, an abstractionist, a conceptualist, and a guts painter"

IX - X 1973 "Prints, paintings, sculptures; non-prints, non-paintings, non-sculptures" , the "Studio" Gallery (cat.)
1. "Logical Window", object
2. 29.X - participation in an symposium

from XII 1973 - a concept and first realisations of the series "Commentary Art", cf. 10-20 V 1974

23 III - 6 IV 1974 "A Plate. Chiseling and Acting. Making Money and Creating. (Everyone is satisfied)” - activities on a memorial stone plate in PSP, a documentation

10-20 V 1974 "Commentary Art", exhibition at the "Znak" Gallery, Bialystok (the group catalogue 1976)

19-25 VI 1974 III Festival of Art School Students, Nowa Ruda: 21 VI “Artistic Cabaret” (“Kabareton Artystyczny”) (participiants: P. Freisler, P. Kwiek, T. Osinski, J. Swidzinski ond others), text.

20 VIII - 10 IX 1974 International the open air “Osetnica 74„ A group “Dzialanie on the living head of J.S. Wojciechowski, from the series „Activities upon the Head”, slides, text

15 X - 30 XI 1974 “New Generation”, National Museum, Wroclaw (cat.) “The Table with the unknown quantity X”, object.

3-23 IV 1975 "Poljska Avangarda", Galerija Studentskog Centra, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, a catalogue - special issue of "Novina Nova", May 1975, the exhibition of documentation

8 IV 1975 "Malczewski, an Unwanted Hack Work, a Red Bundle - The Separate Whole", an action on the way between PSP at Foksal St. and the National Museum, Warsaw

1-15-VI 1975 All-Polish Creative Meetings "Drink Water from the Spring Only" (organised by L. Przyjemski), Liksajny (catalogue): "Art Consciously Bad", installation

19 VIII 1975 "Dzialania with a Tuba", private activities

IX - 12 X 1975 "7 unga Polacker/ 7 Young Poles", Malmo- Konsthall, Malmo, Sweden (cat.)
1. slides presentation,
2. exhibition of documentation
3. "Art Consciously Bad" - installation
4. presentation of a fragment of a film "Open Form" , video copy (the photographs in the catalogue: "A Bird from Plaster to Bronze in the Barracks of Fine Arts" [1974] and "Man-Dick" [1968-1973] raised "the eagle scandal")

from 18th XII 1975 Edward Dwurnik "Fruits of the Earth", KwieKulik "Art of Nerves" (from the series "Commentary Art"), PDDiU (the 1st exhibition)

22 XII 1975 - 14 I 1976 "25 years of Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz's teaching", "Zacheta", Warsaw (catalogue): an installation project

5 III 1976 "How are you Mrs. Kulik? How are you Mr. Kwiek? You are Polish artists, aren't you?", performance, the "Mospan" Gallery, Warsaw

19 V 1976 A slide presentation at a private studio-gallery of Jurgen Schweinbraden, East Berlin (simultaneously with M. Konieczny's exhibition)

3 - 19 IX 1976 the 6th Festival of Fine Arts, "Homage to Xawery Dunikowski", "Zacheta", Warsaw, (catalogue): "May the Ball Firing Not Happen", an installation project

23 XII 1976 - 6 I 1977 "Meyers Lexicon", "KwieKulik Circle", PDDiU, (the 2nd exhibition)

22 IV - 1 VI 1977 "Oosteuropese conceptuele fotografie", Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven, Holland (catalogue): "Dzialania with a Tuba", a documentation, a text

from 25 VI 1977 "May Common Starvation Never Happen", PDDiU (the 3rd exhibition)

from 3 X 1977 on - "Using Own Child in Own Art", PDDiU (the 4th exhibition)

4 - 30 XI 1977 "Projects/Performances. Czechoslovakia/Poland", the Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo (catalogue): "Curriculum Vitae", "Collage", - a selection of documentation from 1975-1977

8-30 XI 1977 An exhibition presenting the works of the contest commemorating the 60th anniversary of Socialist October Revolution, The Artist House, Warsaw: A painting executed in co-operation with E. Dwurnik, T. Gierzyska-Dwurnik, D. Gierzynska, D. Wnuk and Maksio - the 3rd award

23 III 1978 "A Parcel for a Prisoner of Art" an intervention-like action (parcel for Jacek Malicki), the "Dziekanka" Studio, Warsaw

III 1978 the "Labirynt" Gallery, Lublin:
1. "Dzialania with the Head", performance
2. "Art as They Wish It To Be", installation

20 VI 1978 "Heavy Complaints Kill Life" and “Zofia Kulik's Plea for Pardon”, two performances, installation, the "Dziekanka" Studio, Warsaw

28 IX - 3 X 1978 "Behaviour Workshop", Theatre a/d Rijn, Arnhem (catalogue):
1. 30 IX (the date fixed for the presentation of KwieKulik by the organisers) an open letter was read to explain the artists' absence due to "the eagle scandal"; an action accordant with the enclosed script took place
2. an essay "The Separate Whole"

8 X 1978 The Biennial of Young Art, BWA. Sopot: "A Monument Without a Passport in the Salons of Fine Arts", performance

14 X 1978 International Meetings "Body, Performance", the "Labirynt" Gallery, Lublin: a 3-part performance from the series "Dzialania with the Head"

X 1978 "La Post-Avanguardia. Arte marginale e marginalita dell'arte" (project by Antonio Ferro), Museo del Sannio, Benevento, Italy (catalogue): Two pieces of mail-art on the panels sent by the organisers

17 I 1979 Symposium of Warsaw Artistic Society, the "Sigma" Gallery, Warsaw: "To Everyone According to Their Needs", performance

6 III 1979 Symposium "Documenting and Self-documenting in Art", the "Dziekanka" Studio, Warsaw, visual show with 4 slide projectors

29 III - 10 IV 1979 "The Thingy" performance and installation, the "Re-repassage 2" Gallery, Warsaw Activity on an Artificial Head (plaster head, slide projection, documentation of artists’ pot-boiling works)

4 - 6 V 1979 "Dzialania with the Head (an experiencing monument)” at Krakowskie Przedmiescie St. (an event included in the Students' Cultural Spring

20-30 IX 1979 International Art Manifestation "Works and Words", "De Appel" Gallery, Amsterdam (catalogue issued in 1980):
1. "The Light of the Dead Star", performance and installation comprising a sculpture and several hundred documentary photographs
2. Film presentation Dzialania, (16mm film) at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Additionally, during that visit slide and film presentations, actions (visual games) with students at the Academy of Art in Arnhem and the Academy of Art in Enschede took place.

27-29 V 1980 All-Polish presentations: "Book, Art, Documentation", the "Labirynt" Gallery, Lublin:
1. Action - self-awarding the prizes for "sendings",
2. Exhibition "12 Years of The Art of Dzialania"

8 V 1980 "Polish Days", Plan K, Brussels:
1. "A Model of co-existence in the Situation of Shortage", performance
2. Projection of two sets of slides on two screens: "Alterations of Redness" and "Edward Gierek’s Path"
3. Exhibition of documentation
4. 2 pieces from the mail art action "La Post Avanguardia", cf. X 1987
Additionally, during this visit audio-visual presentations at Van Eyck Academy of Art, Maastricht and the Academy of Art, Enschede took place

20 V 1981 A slide show for Joseph Beuys, Free University, Düsseldorf (preceded by a presentation in his studio)

31 V 1981 A slide show, a game with the audience, Kunststaien Kleinsassen, West Germany

12 VI 1981 An audio-visual presentation, works exhibition, Wolf Kahlen's studio, West Berlin

VI 1981 Group exhibition "The Garden of Cognition" (curated by Ewa Kuryluk), the "MDM" Gallery, Warsaw: "Dzialania with the Artificial Head", installation

19-28 X 1981 "Neue Kunst aus Polen", Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart, (catalogue):
1. Exhibition of documentation
2. Slide presentation, sets: "Alterations of Redness" and "Edward Gierek"
3. "A Model of Co-existence in the Situation of Shortage", Version II, performance
4. "There and Back I", performance based on ● "Dzialania with the Head"
5. "Supermarket", video realisation

12-16 XI 1981 9th Krakow Meetings, BWA Krakow: "There and Back II", performance based on "Dzialania with the Head"

from 2 II 1983 "KwieKulik. Works 1968-1982", BWA Lublin (catalogue):
1. Exhibition of Works
2. ZK as an "experiencing monument" during the opening ceremony, (from the series "Dzialania with the Head"

IX 1983 International "Moltkerei Werkstatt", Köln:
1. Exhibition of works
2. "Marx Today - elegant, up-to-date, fashionable colours in Köln - Them and Us, Only Us with Clay Heads There and Back", performance
3. a 3-day workshop of Dzialania (Activity on Kulik’s and Kwiek’s heads, visual game by two groups)

6-28 III 1984 The 1st series of presentations in the "Dziekanka" Studio, Warsaw:
1. 6 III " A Polish Duet I", 4-part performance,
2. 9 III "Whistling Spit", installation
3. 19 III "Abbreviations" exhibition of paintings
4. 28 III "Moods, Grey Paper and ...", environment, text

5-6 XII 1984 All-Polish event "An Intellectual Trend in Polish Art after World War II", BWA, Lublin (catalogue):
1. "A Polish Duet II", performance (in the "Performance" section)
2. "Semantic Monster", a living relief, (in the "Attitudes" section)

4-11 III 1985 The 2nd series of presentations in the "Dziekanka" Studio, Warsaw: 1. 4 III "The Festival of Intelligentsia", performance, "Grating", objects
2. 7 III "A Hammer, a Hand, Ice; a Sickle, a Hook, a Shadow"; a living relief, "Art in Panties", objects
3. 11 III "Buying an Artist", action; "Idiot", sound recording

5-28 VII 1985 "Contemporary Art from Poland", Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada (catalogue):
1. 3-part multiperformacne: "A Hammer; a Sickle", ● "There and Back", "Semantic Monster"
2. "Artists' Books, Posters, Prints and Catalogues", exhibition of the prints from PDDiU collection

VIII 1985 Postmasters Gallery, New York:
1. "A Hammer. a Hand, Ice...", a living relief
2. "Artists' Books...", the exhibition transferred from Banff, cf. above

22 XI - 19 XII 1985 "In the Circle of Jarnuszkiewicz's Studio", the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw (catalogue) "A Polish Duet I", object

17-26 XI 1986 - the 3rd series of presentations in the "Dziekanka" Studio, Warsaw: 1. 17 XI "The Poetisation of Pragmaticality", action,
2. 20 XI "Arcadia", performance
3. 24 XI “Banana and Pomegranate (hand-grenade)” - Little Reist Theatre
4.26 XI "Artistic Money", theoretical essay

12 III 1987 Franklin Furnace, New York:
1. "The Poetisation of Pragmaticality", 3-part multiperformance: ● "There and Back"
2. exhibition of works

20 III 1987 School of Art, Art institute, Chicago: 3-part multiperformance: "The Poetisation of Pragmaticality", "There and Back", "Arcadia"

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